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    SugarDVD is the largest renter of adult DVDs online. Initially, SugarDVD’s services were limited to flat-rate membership-based DVD-by-mail,  but since its creation in 2002, the company has developed websites in several different areas of the adult industry. SugarDVD maintains its position in the adult rental market, shipping out millions of movies all over the world each year. The company is based in Santa Ana, CA with multiple shipping centers across the country.

    SugarDVD offers DVD rentals as well as purchasing. In addition, select titles can be purchased via downloading the title to the customer’s computer. Alternately, most titles can be viewed streaming via the Roku digital player. Recently, SugarDVD announced a PS3 channel as well.

    In 2006, Tori Spelling, popular television star and daughter of television producer Aaron Spelling, expressed that she’s a fan of SugarDVD, saying, “My husband Dean McDermott and I also belong to this service that’s like a porn Netflix called SugarDVD.com. The Netflix DVDs come in a red package and the SugarDVD’s come in a blue one, so we’re like, “Oooh! A Netflix arrived!” or “Oooh! A porn arrived!” Jax, CEO of SugarDVD responded to Tori’s statement with the gift of “Free porn for life.” Since Spelling in 2006, SugarDVD has gifted several other celebrities with “A lifetime of Free Porn.” Among the celebrities who publicly accepted the offer are, Flavor Flav,  Adam Carolla, Shock G of Digital Underground, and Don Magic Juan.

They now sell sex toys and do an amazing job at selling these adult products to people all over the world. Discrete shipping and safe ordering make it one of our top retailers for sexy items.

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