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Adam & Eve Adult Superstore

Your Sex Toy Deals Is proud to announce our new partnership with one of the worlds leading online adult superstores.

Founded in 1971, Adam and Eve is the nation’s largest and oldest sex products company. They have over 18,000 products!

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I’ve been a devout customer for  years now. I’ve always ordered online here to save the awkwardness of walking around sex toy shops. I would have to say this is the BEST sex toy site. They have an amazing selection! Prices will vary but they have a lot of good quality stuff.

Great selection of DVD’s. Porn parodies, Amateurs, MILFS, err I don’t think I really need to get into detail here..

They even have 50 Shades of Grey as a category where it links you to all these other things like bondage kits (some were even on backorder for a while), riding crops, and of course THAT book.

Once you’re a subscriber, they tend to send lots of promotions through email. Things like “get your free gifts (after $17 purchase)” or “get your 40 free videos!”. Every day I get some type of promotion/coupon with a different theme. I usually wait for the gifts that appeal to me then I just place my order.

Another plus is discreet shipping. You won’t see the company site in big bold letters on the box.

I have bought a lot of things from this site including vibrators, clit massagers, and bondage kits. I was never dissatisfied with a purchase. The selection is fantastic, site is very easy to navigate, and they ship within 10-14 business days. Unless you’re in dire need of something, they do have an overnight shipping option.

Check out the website for yourself 😉

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