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Ed, 3-Bulb Vinyl Probe (B343)
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Ed, 3-Bulb Vinyl Probe (B343)

Ed, 3-Bulb Vinyl Probe (B343)
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This black vinyl probe is made up of 3 large bulbs with shaft-like sections in between. A suction base makes for easy mounting to any flat, smooth surface. Simple, yet effective. Not suitable for use with a harness.

Product Details:

• Overall Length: 9.75in (24.76cm)

• Diameter (at widest point): 2in (5cm)

• Circumference (at widest point): 6.28in (15.95cm)

Safety, Care & Usage

Vinyl is an interesting new material for dildos and probes. It differs from latex or silicone in several respects:

  • It can be used with ANY type of lubricant. (Silicone products can be degraded by silicone-based lubes, and latex may be damaged by oil-based lubes.)
  • The material is pliable, and it’s texture is smooth and inviting to touch, but still has a nice firmness and excellent strength and durability.
  • Like silicone, it is absolutely safe for people who are allergic to latex. Vinyl is very resistant to breaking and crumbling (also true of silicone).